Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday links

Well, there have been a few kerfuffles this week!

First of all, Stephen Sondheim does NOT approve of the new Porgy and Bess that is about to debut at the American Repertory Theater. Alex Ross finds Sondheim's letter hilarious, and also mentions the public domain issues surrounding Gershwin's work.

Also in the news is Yuja Wang, not for her universally-acclaimed piano-playing, but for her attire. Various opinions abound; I agree with the last. Sometimes being a woman and not having the default uniform of a tuxedo can be frustrating; more power to those who manage to look good and have fun with their attire! Via Alex Ross again.

And while the painful problems in London cannot be covered by the word kerfuffle, we all know what the root of the problem is, right? Hat-tip to my brother.

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