Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday link

From Steve Martin...Atheists Don't Have No Songs. A cappella harmony!

One quibble with the lyrics; even as an atheist, I don't get to sleep in on Sundays. I'm guess I'm doin' it wrong!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekend Concert Calendar, 11/26/10 - not.

No choral concerts in Boston this weekend - all the choral singers are eating food and gathering their strength for the craziness of December. Go check out BEMF's production of Dido and Aeneas this weekend, and check back in next week as the December craziness rolls forth. A Messiah Sings post will be coming soon (maybe this weekend if I get my act together!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday link

Ah, well, even if it's technically Tuesday it still counts as a Monday link, right?

On Dec. 4, go to Boylston Plaza in front of the Pru at noon. Keith Lockhart wants to break a world record for largest number of carolers. And "but I'm such a bad singer!" is no excuse. There will be over 7,000 other people there to drown you out. And wouldn't you like to get a Guinness World Record for singing?

(Cantilena members, please note, this does not apply to you as you should be in our dress rehearsal at that time for our concert the following day!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend Concert Calendar, 11/18/10

Hi folks,

Sorry, no Weekend Concert Calendar this week. Flu plus an extremely busy week means no time! Check out the Mystic Chorale and Zamir Chorale's joint concert this weekend; other than that, I will get back on the bandwagon next week. (And send me your Messiah Sing information - a big ol' Messiah Sing post will be coming up in the beginning of December.)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekend Concert Calendar, 11/11/10

Do you know a veteran? (I should think most of us do.) Treat them to a concert this weekend!


I have nothing for Friday. Nothing! Very weird. In the absence of any straight-up choral concerts, I recommend going to see the Boston Opera Collaborative's production of Mark Adamo's Little Women. I have heard good things, and will be checking it out myself this weekend.


For Saturday, among many delightful offerings the Spectrum Singers are offering a totally fascinating program called "Sound the Trumpets!"; fascinating because I am unfamiliar with much of the repertoire they are presenting, and that always makes for a good time. From their publicity material:

"[The concert will include] Joseph Jongen's Mass for Chorus, Brass and Organ. Come hear why Jongen was considered a superb colorist and genius of form, harmony, and melody. The Mass is absolutely beautiful and moving. Also hear Marcel Dupré's Poème Héroïque for organ, brass and drum plus festive choral music by Lili Boulanger, William Mathias, Daniel Pinkham, Virgil Thomson and William Walton. With Heinrich Christensen on organ and a special pre-concert talk by Steve Ledbetter at 7:00." The concert is at 8 pm at First Church Congregational, Cambridge.

Also on Saturday: Cappella Clausura, the Salisbury Singers, the Assabet Valley Mastersingers, the Boston Children's Chorus, the Wellesley College Choir.


Check out Cappella Clausura's production of Hildegard von Bingen's Ordo Virtutum. A liturgical drama, it is one of her major works and contains some of her most beloved chants. Cappella Clausura has updated this ancient play for modern audiences; in their version, "a soul interviews for a job at the Devil's corporation. Can she resist a tempting offer, or will she join a virtuous non-profit? Come find out in this unforgettable new production!" 5 pm at First Lutheran Church in Boston. Also on Saturday in Newton.

Also on Sunday: Cappella Clausura,the Paul Madore Chorale, the Boston Russian Chorus and Festival Singers, the Brandeis University Chamber Choir.

Did I miss anything? Leave it in the comments!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday link

This one's for all the organists! I am sure you will all relate. (Warning: sound is NSFW.)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday cat post!

Today my friend Michelle helped me out with the camera, so you get a rare shot of me and Samson together!

"What do you think? Headbutt?"

"Of course!"

Weekend Concert Calendar, 11/4/10

Let's just dive right in, shall we?

Friday: On Friday, I recommend going to see Masterworks Chorale present Handel's oratorio Alexander's Feast. The soloists will be excellent - soprano Teresa Wakim, tenor Jason McStoots, and baritone Sumner Thompson - and the Treble Chorus of New England will also be featured. At 8 pm at Sanders Theatre.

Also on Friday: BSO w/ the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, Cantata Singers, University Chorale of Boston College.

Saturday: Go to the BSO! In addition to Brahms' Symphony No. 2, they will be performing the rarely-heard Atlàntida (“Atlantis”) by Manuel de Falla. Sung in Catalan, this work is about the lost continent of Atlantis and its subsequent rediscovery by Columbus. This concert will be Friday, Saturday and Tuesday at Symphony Hall at 8 pm.

Also on Saturday: The Master Singers of Lexington, BSO w/ the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, Cantata Singers, Blue Heron Renaissance Choir, Night Song Schola.

Sunday: It's a weekend for big choral works! On Sunday I recommend the Chorus pro Musica concert, featuring Dvorak's Mass in D as well as works by Janáček, Duruflé, and Holst. 3 pm at Old South Church in Boston.

Also on Sunday: Candlelight Chorale, Divi Zheni.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday link

This has been making the rounds, though hat-tip to EG for being the first to let me know about it.

Here, the musical talent of the next generation! (I would actually love to see him in front of a professional orchestra; how much fun would everyone have? I bet that would be a very positive feedback loop, and a hugely energetic performance!)