Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday link

Ah, well, even if it's technically Tuesday it still counts as a Monday link, right?

On Dec. 4, go to Boylston Plaza in front of the Pru at noon. Keith Lockhart wants to break a world record for largest number of carolers. And "but I'm such a bad singer!" is no excuse. There will be over 7,000 other people there to drown you out. And wouldn't you like to get a Guinness World Record for singing?

(Cantilena members, please note, this does not apply to you as you should be in our dress rehearsal at that time for our concert the following day!)

1 comment:

  1. I'm totally going. With that many people, no one will hear (or care) if I attempt the soprano descant on the last verse of 'Hark the herald angels sing' and fail miserably. (The soprano descant on 'Adeste Fideles', on the other hand, is mine to pwn.)