Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mid-week update

Last night I had a recording session with my good friend Anney Gillotte and the extremely talented Mark McNeill. I made some good progress in my voice lessons this summer, and since I don't have time to study voice during the year I wanted to make an audition CD while my vocal improvements were still fresh! Handel & Haydn, here I come. Again. Oy. (They are very hard to get into, now.) I recorded "Buss und Reu" from Bach's St. Matthew Passion, "But Who May Abide" from Handel's Messiah, "Sweet Suffolk Owl" by Hundley and "A Charm" from Britten's A Charm of Lullabies. Now to listen, edit, and copy. Let me know if you want one! I'm particularly hoping to line up a Messiah-sing gig this year.

Other than that, I pretty much ignored the approaching start of the academic year by visiting my brother in Rochester. It was not particularly exciting, and not a lot happened, which was exactly what I wanted. And on the way back I visited friends from college in Western MA and had lunch with Amelia and her sister in Northampton. It was all very low-key - just what I like in my vacations!

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