Monday, August 08, 2011

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I just found NewMusicBox, a publication of the American Music Center. A great source of information on contemporary music! Check out this great article called "Summers in the Choral World" about some contemporary music in this year's summer music scene. A great place to start for exploring new choral music, as she lists a lot of pieces! The author, Jenny Clarke, will be posting every other week and her next post should go up tomorrow.

How about a TED talk? TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment, Design" and is dedicated to "ideas worth spreading." They have regular conferences, and you can see the talks from all these conferences online. All sorts of people talk at TED (musicians in the past have included Evelyn Glennie and Bobby McFerrin). This one is about the skill of listening, and how we are losing this skill. Via the ChoralBlog on ChoralNet. I certainly feel some of this is true of me. The speaker gives useful tips for working on your listening as well.

Last week I came across this letter by Gidon Kremer, a celebrated Latvian violinist, explaining his reasons for withdrawing this year from the Verbier Festival (an international music festival in Switzerland that looks quite delightful, actually) and this follow-up letter by Fabio Luisi, music director of the Zurich Opera, endorsing Kremer's letter. Both address the question of celebrity in classical music; I actually found Luisi's letter explained the matter a little more clearly to me, though it was written second. Anyways, the subject of young, hot classical music stars and the machinery that packages and pushes them out is an interesting and recurring one.

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