Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day in the life - Tuesday

10-11 am - taught an elderly women's singing class (not sure how to say it elegantly, but that's what it is!) at the East Boston YMCA
Afternoon - got home later than usual owing to experimenting with finding a way out of East Boston that didn't involve a toll. Pyrrhic victory accomplished - got home at 1 pm (left Y at 11:30.) Ate lunch, took a half-hour nap, did some (not enough) e-mail work, practiced piano, prepared (not enough) for rehearsal, left house at 3:15.
4-5:30 pm - interviewed Donald Teeters for my "Interviews with Boston Conductors" series (look for the interview on Friday or Saturday)
6-9 pm - rehearsed with Anthology at Longy
10 pm - got home, ate the half of dinner that I hadn't eaten in Anthology rehearsal, did dishes, checked e-mail, blogged, and will now to bed (after first reading some Sherlock Holmes.)

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