Monday, November 17, 2008

Day in the life - Monday

I had the idea of taking a week and posting every day about what I do, as a way of explaining what all the various things are that I am doing. And then I kept waiting for the perfect week that would show off how excellent and busy I am. But, heck with it - that week will probably never come, so I'm going to do it this week!


morning: taekwondo
afternoon: mostly free - tackle e-mail, practice piano, work on Otello score, run errands, do a bit of bumming around (watched Obamas on "60 Minutes"), worked on pile of employee paperwork for YMCA
evening: conduct Boston Accueil French Chorale rehearsal

I am subbing as the conductor of this chorale this fall. The regular conductor had a baby, so I have been filling in. Tonight's rehearsal is actually the last one I will cover, and I will be teaching it in tandem with the regular conductor, as a way of "passing the baton." (Ha!) Most of the members are from France, and regularly chatter away to each other in French - unfortunately my French hasn't quite improved as much as I hoped it would!

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