Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday cat post!

Time for your Friday cat post!

My brother says, "Oomi is currently racing around the house, picking up pens, and trying to burrow them under the rug in the living room." I would add that you will probably see a great many paper bags in this series, as Oomi seems to be very fond of them.


  1. Beautiful cat! And she is displaying her mastery of lurking.

  2. @ lignota:

    Isn't she purty? I still have never met her in person - the earliest I'll be able to is this summer, and then she'll be pretty much all grown up.

    I also think it's interesting the way her eyes seem to be very vivid and different colors in different photos.

  3. Her eyes are yellow but shade into green in the middle. So whenever her pupils are wide her eyes are all yellow.

    I think she's already done growing, and she's still pretty small.