Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday cat post!

So, it is a new year, and like everyone else, I have been thinking about New Year's Resolutions.  It's difficult for me to make resolutions, because it always feels like there are three times in the year that qualify as the beginning of the year, not just one: January 1, my birthday in March, and the beginning of the academic year in September.  I tend to reevaluate my professional goals in the summer, before September, because musicians are basically on an academic yearly schedule.  But I am nevertheless going to make some resolutions now, in January.  One is to practice voice five times a week (because my voice teacher is getting annoyed with me.)  And I also have some resolutions regarding this blog.  I want to make a definite effort to interview a conductor once a month (instead of once every two months, as happened last fall.)  And I also want to institute a couple of new features.

In particular, I have done some thinking, and I have concluded that there is a very important lack on this blog.  There is one common thread that connects great blogs everywhere ranging from Ill Doctrine to Shakesville to PeaceBang.  And that is...cute pictures of cats!

Now, sadly, I don't have a cute cat of my own, but my brother does!  So every Friday, he has agreed to let me post a picture of his cute cat on my blog.  His cat is less than a year old, and is a very rambunctious youngster named Oomi.  She likes hiding in bags, and tearing around the house like a crazy thing, and I'm sure we will learn more about her personality as this series progresses.

Oomi says, "Basement Cat is underneath ur tree, stealin' ur presents."

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