Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday cat post!

So my brother has not been so good about providing me up-to-date pictures of his cat. I give you his excuse this week: "Still can't load photos. Oomi peed in the tub so I locked her in the basement and I can hear her smashing things."

I trust even three episodes into our Friday cat posts, you are getting the idea that Oomi is a high holy terror.

Instead, I present you with an Oomi classic from last fall. This great work of internet cat cinema is called "Oomi in a box!" I can't figure out whether I think it's hilarious because I know R, who is the starring human, or if it's just inherently funny. You tell me.


  1. That video makes me laugh and laugh! Awesome.

  2. @ Rachel:

    I'm glad! (Great icon, btw.)

  3. Well, I think it's hilarious!

  4. @ lignota: