Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More news - Schizophonic is back!

More good news from the new year is that Schizophonic (remember that women's vocal group I put together last year?) is back! We have two new members, and we just had our first rehearsal yesterday. It went really well, and I am excited and invigorated for the future! Feel free to pass gigs our way - we would love to take on all possibilities!

We are probably going to change the name, however, since I have been getting not universally positive reactions to the whole "schizophrenic" punning, which strikes people as odd, potentially insulting, and open to misinterpretation. So stay tuned for news on the name.

One of the books I got for Christmas is A Circle of Quiet: The Crosswicks Journals, Book One by Madeleine L'Engle. It's a collection of her ideas on all sorts of things, and includes the following beautiful and relevant quote:

"There is a lovely Talmudic story that when the Children of Israel reached the Red Sea, and Moses struck his staff on the shore, the waters of the sea did not part to let them through. The Israelites stood there at the edge of the water, and nothing happened until one of the men plunged in. Then the waters rolled back."

Here's to plunging!


  1. Greetings from a fellow Blogger who was googling Madeleine L'Engle and came across your entry. She's one of my favorite writers -- I have gone back again and again to "A Circle of Quiet," as well as the two other books in that nonfiction trilogy ("The Irrational Season" and "Summer of the Great-Grandmother"). Here's to plunging, indeed!

  2. Hi, ladybug,

    Actually, there are four Crosswicks journals. The last one is called Two-Part Invention, and was published in 1988. Her site has more info.

  3. Oh, I'd didn't realize Two-Part Invention was part of the Crosswicks series. It's one of my favorites, too! As much as I love her fiction, her nonfiction has spoken to me the most.

  4. To Ladybug,

    Well, I'm just going off the back of my book, which says, "Read the rest of the Crosswicks Journal!" and then lists The Summer of the Great-Grandmother, The Irrational Season, and Two-Part Invention.