Thursday, January 03, 2008

Weekend Concert Calendar, 1/3/08

Happy New Year to all! It is time for the first concert calendar of the new year. I left this until rather late today, as I stayed up too late playing Settlers of Catan with my brother and his fiancée. Luckily for my sleep schedule, your options this weekend are pretty short.

In fact, the only interesting thing I can find for you on Friday or Saturday is a performance of Amahl and the Night Visitors being put on by the Cape Cod Opera Company. These performances are, unsurprisingly, being held on Cape Cod. Details here.

Sunday there is a little more variety. My pick is, of course, moi-self. Cappella Clausura (including yours truly) will be performing at Forsyth Chapel at the Forest Hills Cemetary (near the Forest Hills T-stop) at 3 pm this Sunday. This is a reprise of our November performances, so if you missed it, you are in luck - you get a second chance! Gorgeous music! And, er, oh crap, I just remembered that I think I have some solo bits. Hm.

Moving right along, we have a few other options. Lowell House Opera at Harvard is hosting a masterclass with David Stockton on Sunday at 1 pm, and you can sit in and listen for free. If you are in East Weymouth, you can attend "A Little Christmas in Jackson Square," which is an Epiphany concert at 3 pm. And...I think that's it. No worries, there will be more next week!

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