Sunday, January 20, 2008

Paul Potts

My father sent this to me a long time ago. But it is still cool. So here you go!

"An unassuming Welsh mobile-phone salesman who had always wanted to sing opera makes it to the “Britain’s Got Talent” show. Even Simon Cowell was in awe of Paul Potts’ performance."

Even if opera doesn't usually turn you on, I think you'll find this thrilling. Here's the original page with links to all the videos. Here's the first round video, and here's the finals.

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  1. Paul's career has taken off, and rightly so. There are a few hundred videos of his performances on YouTube. He has just started a world-wide concert tour, and will be in North America in March. I already have my tickets to the Mesa, Arizona concert. YEA!
    To find out where his concerts will be, check out his myspace page at .