Sunday, November 18, 2007

Schizophonic auditions!

Pinafore ended its run yesterday, and a fine, fine run it was. Massive kudos are due to everyone I got to work with - it was a great experience.

But that was yesterday, and this is today! Time for new projects, new horizons! My professional women's group that I started last spring is having auditions on 12/1 - come one, come all! Here is that ad that I have been sending to everyone I know. Please feel free to copy and forward to everyone you've ever met.

Professional women's vocal group seeks female singers

Schizophonic, a professional women's vocal group, is looking for new singers. Our goal is to sing all sorts of music, ranging from medieval to barbershop. We would like to find other professional classical singers who have an interest in branching out into other genres of music such as folk and jazz, but are also at home picking up something by Josquin or Britten and sight-reading it.

Our plan is to have several concerts a year, where we will split the proceeds, and also to concentrate on putting together shorter programs appropriate for schools. Our goal for school gigs is to have 1-2 a month, and to have each singer paid $100 for each gig. Eventually we hope to get on the Young Audiences roster, and hopefully get even more work that way.

Currently we have one mezzo and one soprano. We would ideally like to form a quartet, with one more mezzo and one more soprano. We are looking for trained solo voices with fantastic musicianship and very sharp sight-reading skills. In terms of vocal size, we are looking for Bach rather than Berlioz. We also hope to find other people who love singing chamber music, and are willing to make a commitment to the group. We are also interested in putting together a guest-artist list of singers who might be interested in one or two gigs if we decide to do something bigger requiring more than four singers. However, our main goal is to find two new permanent members.

Auditions will be December 1st from 10 am - 3 pm. If that time doesn't work for you, please contact us anyways - we'd love to hear everyone, and can be very flexible about setting up individual auditions! Contact Allegra Martin by phone (617) 872-0461 or leave a comment!

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