Monday, November 26, 2007

Nick Page

My apologies for not giving a concert update last week. I was out of town, stuffing myself with stuffing. And besides, you were all too comatose with food to even think of leaving the house, right? Right. So we will all just ignore the fact that we missed Chanticleer on Sunday at Jordan Hall, and we are not at all heart-broken about this fact. (I seem to have bad luck actually finding out about Chanticleer concerts in time - I haven't made it to one yet, despite the fact that I adore their recordings.)

Perhaps you will forgive me if I tip you off that Steve Reich is in residence at NEC, and this week will feature two performances. Mostly this is not choral music (although Music for Eighteen Musicians does feature female voices) but Steve Reich is just too cool not to mention, even if this were a blog about knitting or Nascar or something.

And finally, the Boston Globe today had a nice piece about Nick Page, local powerhouse choral conductor. If you ever have the chance to go to one of his power sings, do so - he is one of the most dynamic and charismatic conductors around. And we all wish him well at his Carnegie Hall debut!

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