Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wednesday update - on Thursday

Mid-week update!

I took a stay-cation during the July 4 weekend. I hung out with friends and did no work, and it was good for the soul.

Current projects on the plate include continuing to prepare for my lectures at Lasell Village; this means that currently I am swimming in modern opera, since Monday's "Modern Music" lecture is on operas of the past three decades. I've been watching Nixon in China for the past few days, and finding it quite engaging (and sometimes very catchy.) The "Choral Works" lecture is going to be on Elijah, but since I took a workshop on that piece last summer at Eastman, it's not taking up gobs of prep time the way opera is.

I've also started teaching some sight-reading lessons this summer. A singer from Cantilena asked me to give her lessons, and we are slowly working our way through various concepts and practice melodies twice a week. I'm very much enjoying teaching sight-reading, so if you know of anyone who would enjoy sight-singing or theory lessons, please send them my way!

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