Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday links

Jan Swafford has a great article on contemporary music in Slate. Couldn't agree more with the dictum "Make it new, or make it old, but make it good."

I mentioned Amelia's blog in my last post; well, I really particularly love this recent entry. Favorite quotes: "Dictatorships have a lot less paperwork than democracies." And "They make us better–not just because they make us better, but because they make us comfortable being better." SO TRUE.

Also, check out this essay by a trans woman about her baritone voice. People who are trans and singers have some really tough issues to get around; I had a tenor in one of my choruses who was a trans man going through the transition while singing, and it was very complicated for him to figure out what his range was (which was also continually changing) and how to healthily navigate it. At the time I tried to locate a voice teacher for him in the Boston area who specialized in helping trans people sing with their new voices, but didn't find anyone; if you know of someone, let me know, as it would be helpful information for the future!

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