Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday link - The Boston Cecilia concert

Last Friday I had the very pleasant experience of hearing The Boston Cecilia's "When Britten Met Haydn" concert. I got there late (battery died, called AAA, had to get a jump, you know, the old story) so I sadly missed the first piece. But the three pieces I did hear were great! I especially enjoyed the Britten selections, which showed off tenor soloist Aaron Sheehan splendidly. He really has an amazingly pretty voice. And the chorus did wonderfully as always, performing with a great intensity, reaching out and communicating both text and emotion with the audience to a degree that was really admirable. (You can bet I will be mentioning this to my own chorus tonight in rehearsal!)

Sadly, but in these days not too shockingly, The Boston Globe did not review the concert (as far as I can tell.) But happily, there is a new site these days for classical concert reviews. The Boston Musical Intelligencer is a (somewhat new? insiders, fill me in!) site whose goal is to list and review as many classical music concerts as possible in Boston. Keep your eye on them...and check out their very positive review of Cecilia's concert. Says reviewer Brian Jones, "How can a reviewer do justice to a program and performance this fine? Presiding over the entire occasion was the generous spirit, intelligence and musicianship of Donald Teeters, one of Boston’s musical treasures." I couldn't agree more!

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