Thursday, July 16, 2009

New jobs!

So, waaay back in May two very exciting things happened. Initially I didn't blog about them because I was asked not to for a few days by the hiring committees, but now it's been what, almost two months? And I can only explain my lack of blogging by the "it's gotta be great" phenomenon. I'm sure other bloggers are familiar with this - you put off blogging something for a few days, and then you feel that because you procrastinated it has to be a really good entry, and then you put it off for a few more days, and then you feel like now it's got to be a GREAT entry, and it snowballs from there. But, as the president of Cantilena said, I am rather Bizet right now. That's my excuse!

So, this non-great entry is just to celebrate the fact that I am the new director of BOTH:

Cantilena, a women's chorale that meets in Arlington on Monday evenings. I am so excited about this group! They are really sharp - they learned the piece I brought into my audition like nobody's business, and their spring concert was stellar. (That is a pun, for anyone who was there.) I get to keep exploring women's choral repertoire, which has always been one of my interests, and I have my very own chorus! Woohoo! Also, the group as a whole is very interested in new music. Clearly this was meant to be.


The Notables, a women's a cappella group that meets in the Lexington/Wellesley area every Wednesday morning and performs at local senior centers and rest homes. (We will have a website up soon here, although nothing is there yet.) The repertoire is fun pop and jazz standards, and they even have very cute choreography, which I will do my best not to mess with, not being a choreographer! I'm very excited that they focus on volunteer performances for seniors, too; I'm happy to have found a group that puts together making great music with reaching out to the community.

So, next year is going to be very exciting for me! I won't deny being a little nervous, but also very happy and excited. I'm also going to try and curb my other activities, particularly theatrical ones, so that my schedule doesn't get so hectic. We'll see how that goes. (All my friends are rolling their eyes right now.)


  1. Does that mean your women's choir could use some new music? I've got an a cappella piece I wrote Spring '08 for my Senior Comp. Recital (at least my singers liked it... one said it made her suddenly care about women's choir music! The .pdf score is available to you if you want it!)

  2. @ williamhoylemusic:

    I wouldn't mind taking a look at it, but I do already have the season sketched out, so I can't say there's a big chance I'd program it.

    Oh, and thanks!