Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Carmen reviews

The BOC's production of Carmen, which took over my life for the past two months, is OVER. I celebrated on Monday by going on a long bike ride, including a stop at an ice cream stand in Carlisle, and watching a lot of Stargate: Atlantis. Carmen was a great experience - I'm especially thankful for all the great people I got to meet during the production - but it's nice to have my life back!

Two reviews are here and here. I take issue with the first a little. For one thing, I thought that that cast's Carmen deserved way more gushing than just the adjective "sultry"!

Also, the reviews do not mention the exceptional cymbal-playing in the orchestra. (Although quite a number of middle-aged women came up to compliment me while I was sitting in the pit during intermissions; it happened often enough to form a trend. I think that perhaps 50 years ago women were not encouraged to play cymbals and they got quite a vicarious thrill out of seeing me do it. I was, admittedly, quite loud. Someone should form a women's amateur percussion ensemble in the area, because from what I saw, there is quite a market for middle-aged and elderly women who would like to play cymbals and never got the chance! It could be called "The Cymbals of Progress" and we could all dress up like Rosie the Riveter and march around the streets of Cambridge and Boston and make an unholy amount of noise.)

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