Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday political links

A busy day, so this last week before the election, you will get a quick hit.

Don't forget that there is more than the presidential election at stake. In MA, we have three ballot questions: on taxes, reducing criminal penalties for marijuana, and dog-racing. To see a sample ballot, go here; for more MA election information, go here. Proponents of voting yes on Question 1 (that is, to enormously reduce income taxes) have a page here; opponents have a page here. I will be voting no on #1, as it will reduce the state budget by 40%, and I believe a large chunk of that will come out of education. Question 2 was sponsored by the Committee for Responsible Marijuana Policy and their site is here; the Massachusetts District Attorney's Association opposes the measure, and their statement is here. I will be voting yes on #2, as I support reducing the criminal penalties for marijuana - I believe we have a huge prison over-population problem, and putting people in jail for simple possession is not very helpful to anyone. The last question is on dog-racing; my feelings on this are not strong, partly because I'm not well-informed about it, but the argument that the dogs are not treated well is persuasive, so I will probably vote yes on #3 to ban dog-racing. NPR has a segment on it.

More links to information about any of these issues is welcome.

And for the love of all that is decent, if you live in California, get your behind out to the polls and vote NO on Proposition 8 - don't legalize discrimination against all your LGBT fellow citizens!


  1. The No on Question 1 link doesn't work.

  2. @ Adrian:

    Sorry! Fixed now!