Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday link

I am too tired to find you any decent recent links, so go amuse yourself with A Young Person's Guide to the Chorus. I have a pretty strong suspicion concerning which voice part the author is, but I won't say anything until you've read it - feel free to comment with your own conclusions.


  1. Is the author an alto?

    What does "tuning a sporano" mean?

  2. @ twitch124:

    Well, I don't know of course, but my guess about the author was not alto.

    "Tuning a soprano" means to try and get someone to sing flat or sharp (or, hopefully, correctly.) I don't know of any way to do this besides singing sharp or flat yourself, but probably the idea is that people are more likely to notice that the sopranos are flat than any other voice part, b/c they are generally so prominent.

  3. Neat, thanks for the information.