Friday, August 18, 2006

Daily updates, Day 3

Dear Diary,

Today, my friend JL taught me to play the organ. It was fun! I learned that I have no business doing anything with the pedals anytime soon. Also, my feet are much larger than I thought. Then I had a more-than-four hour meeting with the teacher I'm substituting for at the private school in September. She is wicked helpful and super-organized, with lesson plans for every day. Whew! Then I cooked some pasta primavera. It was yummy! It was the best day ever!

Tomorrow I go shopping, so I look all cool for school! Yay!


  1. What an awesome day!

    Have you checked out my blog lately? Nudge, nudge... :)

  2. Yay, organ lessons!

    On an unrelated note, I ran across this guide to UU blogs and thought you might be interested.

  3. To Rachel:

    Wow, so much to read in that guide! Thanks for the link - I am periodically dipping my toes in various of the blogs listed.