Friday, August 03, 2012

Commission opportunities

This just came across my desk - economical commissioning opportunities for choral composers!

Details are here - this project is particularly aimed at choral conductors who have never commissioned a piece, but is open to all. Correction: this project is ONLY aimed at conductors who have never commissioned a piece before.  Consider participating if you:
  • Have always wanted to commission a piece, but have never had the money.
  • Would like to set a particular poem, or need more music for a particular theme.
  • Are programming multiple settings of a particular text, and could use a modern perspective.
  • Would like to honor someone special to your organization with a special work.
  • Have never commissioned a piece - if this is the case, IT IS TIME.
I personally believe that performing new music is an extremely important part of being a performing musician today. Participating in the larger musical community and collaborating with other musicians, particularly composers, is an aesthetic obligation. I myself have commissioned 2 pieces for Cantilena, and we are commissioning another this year! So that's 3 pieces in 4 years. Never mind the 20 pieces in under 5 years that Anthology has commissioned.

This project makes the commissioning process, which can be intimidating, very easy, straightforward, and stress-free, so it is a great way to get involved. Be sure to let us know when your premiere is!

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