Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Opportunity for choruses - Lenox Caroling Festival

Hey, folks! It's nearly August, which means it's nearly time for choral directors to be hip-deep in Christmas music. And some of you might be interested in this letter which came across my desk. I don't yet know if I'll be participating in any way - I suspect not, given the timing in December - but it does look like fun, and the prizes are pretty good!

As a fellow choral director in Massachusetts, this letter is to give you some advance notice regarding the 2nd annual Lenox Caroling Festival which will take place on Saturday December 8, 2012.

Following the tremendous success of last year’s Festival, we wanted to give you an early lead on next year’s plans. Please take a moment to look through our materials and contact us if you are interested and have any further questions.

The Caroling Festival is a competition that will take place at outside locations on each of the village’s main streets. The winning groups will be determined by 50% popular vote, and 50% judge’s vote at each location. Voting will be done by distributed ballots that will be filled in by the spectators at each venue, who then turn them in at participating retail locations. Festive dress, while not required, is most appreciated.

The prizes are as follows:
First prize: $2,000
Second prize: $500
Third Prize: $250

Choirs must have a minimum of ten participants, and do not need to bring an entire choir to qualify as long as the minimum is met. Priority times and singing locations will be given on a first come, first served basis, and we would be happy to schedule your choir around any other singing commitments you might have for that day or weekend.

In case of inclement weather the festival will be relocated indoors in one of many historic churches and public buildings. We also have many additional performance opportunities both on December 8th and 9th for visiting choirs. Please contact us for details.

A final showcase performance for all participating choirs will occur at 5:00pm on the day of the Festival, the end of which the winners will be announced.

Please visit: www.lenoxcarolingfestival.org for a video and further details and an application form. Thank you for your interest.

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