Thursday, March 01, 2012

Weekend Concert Calendar, 3/1/12

You have an opportunity this weekend that does not come along very often, and that is to hear a performance of the Britten War Requiem. It is an extremely powerful piece, and because of the forces a performance must gather together, it is not as easy to put together as a Mozart or a Verdi or a Brahms. Do yourself a favor and go see it!

You have ANOTHER opportunity as well, and that is to see Anthology premiere a new program! 3 pm at the Beacon Hill Friends' House on Sunday, March 4 - don't miss it! We're doing a program of wedding music, so if someone you know is getting married, you should definitely come check it out.



  • Anthology, "Songs from the Heart", 3 pm, Beacon Hill Friends' House, Boston
  • Mystic Chorale, Annual Gospel Concert, 3:30 pm, Boston
  • Chorus North Shore, "“Bravo! Encore! Favorites from Chorus North Shore: 80 Years of Choral Performances," 3 pm, Gloucester

Did I miss anything? Leave it in the comments!

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