Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday update

In bullet form; stuff that has happened.

  • Saw the Steffani opera Niobe last night at BEMF. Due to a ticket confusion, me and my companion ended up in a box! About 30 feet from the stage! (We were supposed to be in the back of the second balcony, nosebleed seats.) It was awesome. The sets and the costumes and the singers and the bear were amazing. And special kudos to star Phillipe Jaroussky, who was totally fantastic - his aria about the spheres (I wish I knew the official title) was the musical high point of the opera for me. Also, someday I hope to see Amanda Forsythe play Poppea.
  • Forgot to mention previously, but the Cohasset Mariner ran a very nice article about me a few weeks ago! I don't know if it went up online, but you can read it here. (AND I am next to a cute cat!)
  • Just heard many cars honking outside. Assumed Bruins just won; the internet tells me I am correct. Congrats to them!

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