Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wednesday update

Whoops, I forgot to do a Wednesday update last week; that is because I have so much to update about! The irony of the musician's life; the less you know about what we are doing, the busier we probably are, and the more concerts we ought to be telling you about.

It's a busy week, so how about a bulleted list?
  • Anthology is singing at Gore Place in Waltham tonight at 7:30 pm! This is a really beautiful historic Massachusetts estate, and it's a good concert series that we are honored to be on.
  • Therefore, too bad that I woke up with a bad stomach-ache! Anyone have any remedies? Ginger-ale is in the fridge.
  • I'm giving some music history lectures at Lasell Village this summer; the first lectures were Monday, so last week was a flurry of preparation. My students are extremely engaged with the material, so I think this will be fun! I'll be posting more about the lecture topics soon.
  • I want to post about this in more detail, but in case I don't get the chance; I saw the Chorus pro Musica concert last Sunday, which had a premiere of Abbie Betinis' new work "Expectans Expectavi." It was very personal, very angry, and very wonderful. And hallelujah, the concert got a Globe review!

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