Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Concert Calendar, 5/12/11

I apologize for the lateness of this post; Blogger was down for more than 24 hours (which is something that is going to make me think hard about where I am posting this blog - opinions on good platforms welcome.) But here we are, finally!

We're at that point in the semester where the choices are tough, tough, tough! Everybody and their cousin has a concert this weekend! Break a leg, everyone!

Friday: If you enjoyed the Back Bay Chorale's performance of Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil earlier this year, why not check out Masterworks Chorale's performance of Tchaikovsky's All-Night Vigil, a precursor to Rachmaninoff's more well-known piece? 8 pm at Sanders Theatre.

Also on Friday: Arlington-Belmont Chamber Chorus, Boston Archdiocesan Choir School & St. Paul Men's Schola, Cantata Singers.

Saturday: I myself will be going to the Musica Sacra concert at 8 pm at First Church Congregational in Cambridge! I was lucky enough to sub for director Mary Beekman at one of their rehearsals earlier this semester, so I can't wait to hear how they sound. The program is called "Love, Lust, and Laudations: Flemish Choral Music of the High Renaissance" and there is a pretty wide range from beautiful sacred music to extremely raunchy secular songs!

Also on Saturday: Back Bay Chorale, Braintree Choral Society, Cambridge Chamber Singers, Choral Art Society of the South Shore, Convivium Musicum, Exsultemus, Heritage Chorale, Lorelei Ensemble, Newburyport Choral Society, Somerville Community Chorus, Treble Chorus of New England.

Sunday: Check out Convivium Musicum's martial program "Armada!" including war-inspired works by Victoria, Francisco Guerrero, Rogier, and Byrd. I was also lucky enough to sub for a rehearsal for director Michael Barrett earlier this semester (by the way, I'm happy to substitute-direct for anybody's rehearsal whenever needed!) and there is some beautiful music on this program (especially the Guerrero, a piece I didn't know and which was a delightful surprise.) 7 pm at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brookline.

Also on Sunday: Andover Choral Society, Cambridge Chamber Singers, Cappella Clausura, Coro Allegro, Exsultemus, Quincy Choral Society, Wellesley Choral Society, Youth Pro Musica.

Did I miss anything? Leave it in the comments!

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