Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Support me in the Walk for Music!

This coming Sunday is the Boston's Walk For Music, and I will be participating! This fundraiser supports all types of music programs in Boston's neighborhoods and surrounding communities. 100% of the pledges raised will go straight to these music programs, and all donations are tax-deductible. (None of the pledges go to the Walk, which is staffed by volunteers.) I will be part of the Cantilena team, and my personal goal is to raise $250.

This may seem like a lot to raise in 5 days, but all I really need is 25 people to pledge me $10! (Larger amounts would naturally be gratefully accepted!) I know not everyone can afford $10 right now, but if you can, I really hope you'll consider pledging to support me. Any money you donate goes straight to Cantilena's budget, and will be directly responsible for hiring soloists, paying for sheet music, or paying for our upcoming CD recording (we are recording in January
2012). Tickets do not nearly cover Cantilena's budget; we are very dependent on donations and fund-raisers, and the Walk for Music will be an important part of our budget for the upcoming year. (I have sat through the board meetings, and I know!)

I hope that you are able to support me with a pledge for Cantilena toward the Walk for Music. You can donate directly to Cantilena online - just go to and click on the Donate button at the bottom. (And then be sure to comment and let me know you did so!)

I'm really looking forward to participating in the Walk for Music, and I welcome your pledge to "keep music alive in our community." Thanks for your support! (And if you are part of a chorus or musical organization, consider walking yourself! It's easy to sign up!)

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