Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day

The Sunday before Christmas, which is the big holiday music service at my church, was snowed out. (No worries - the choir will sing their planned Bach Cantata selections in late January, although I am sad that the bell choir didn't get to perform, and am not sure if we can reschedule that.) However our Christmas Eve service went ahead as planned and was of course quite lovely. But I did find myself thinking in the middle of the service of some people I care about for whom the holidays are an unhappy or stressful time (whether owing to a recent death of a beloved family member or great difficulties interacting with their families or other reasons) and that they might have a great deal of difficulty relating to the completely magical and unrelentingly positive attitude of our service.

Well, yesterday what to my wondering eyes should appear but Jay Smooth's latest video offering. If you are not particularly happy this holiday season, Jay Smooth has got your back with "In Defense of Humbug."

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