Monday, October 05, 2009

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It's orchestra-conductors-day today!

Congratulations to Shi-Yeon Sung, who as assistant conductor of the BSO stepped in at the last minute to conduct last Tuesday's performance with commendable poise. (James Levine had to have some unexpected surgery for a herniated disc.) Jeremy Eichler gave her the thumbs-up.

I also recommend this article in Variety about the progress women orchestral conductors are making. It's nice to finally see an article whose sole thesis is not "where are all the women" but instead "hey, here are some women (although they're not yet at the top)." I must admit, however, that using the adjective "female" in these sorts of articles always seems strange to me.

One thing I learned from the article was that Marin Alsop is a MacArthur fellow. How did I miss that? I love the MacArthur awards; one of my favorite daydreams is someday winning one, although I can never quite figure out what it is going to be for.

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