Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday link

Via Choralnet's ChoralBlog, a great post from a fellow conductor titled "Little girly gesture language." I'd like to meet this blogger!

Stay tuned for a rant on the comments, though.


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Interesting link. I agree with most of that post, in particular that it's the conductor's responsibility to be clear (and, of course, the group's job to watch and respond). My perspective on this is from the other side of the podium, as someone who has been a member of orchestral and choral ensembles over many years. To me, abrasive conductors are the worst. There are some very talented conductors that I simply decline to work with again. But then, those conductors weren't the ones who knew my name. :-) Also, I have never noticed that there is a "man's" or "woman's" style of conducting, and I am sceptical of anyone who claims there is one.

  2. @ lignota:

    I know, abrasive and/or abusive conductors are the worst. Luckily I think they are going out of style, and a lot of people are starting to adopt a more collaborative approach.

    And I am SO WITH YOU on the skepticism! "You conduct just like a man!" Ugh. Look for a forthcoming post picking THAT statement apart.