Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Globe review

So, as some of you may know, Schola Cantorum performed last weekend! It was a very fun program to sing (they always are - Fred Jodry, the director is a great programmer) and although (or more accurately because) the program was difficult, it was a very fun and satisfying performance.

And Friday night, a critic from the Boston Globe was there! Here is his review. Overall, it's quite positive.

We are all, of course, incredibly grateful that someone from the Globe came at all. But frankly, from a performer's point of view, it's a pretty unsatisfying review. I mean, there's nothing to tell you whether or not you might want to go hear this group in the future, or even any details of our particular performance. I mean, what song did you like the best? Oh, well. At least we "communicated a lovely human sense of the music." But really, come on, Matthew Guerrieri! You can do better than that. What about "Especially beautiful was the stunning blend and heart-rending mellifluous tone between the lowest alto and one of the tenors, especially during the exposed middle section of the Offertory. Somebody get that woman an agent!" Eh? Eh? (I'll be here all week, try the ham.)

Interesting continuation: I was about to continue this posting by complaining that the Globe never sends its primary reviewer, Jeremy Eichler, to choral concerts. And that there was a rumor around that in fact Eichler refuses to go to concerts in churches at all (which is where most choral concerts are.) So I figured I would go find some data to support this long-held grudge, and what do you suppose his most recent review is? The Cantata Singers latest performance, held in Brookline's All Saints Parish. Oops. And he seems to be making a point of hearing the Cantata Singers, as he reviewed one of their concerts last month, too. Oh, and look, in November, he covered the Boston Secession at First Church Cambridge.

So, Jeremy, I apologize about all the backstage griping I've done when I was wishing you were there! Mea culpa. Now, since you are clearly a vocal music fan, this means you're going to review Anthology's upcoming new music concerts "Songs of Protest and Social Unrest," right? Eight commissions, buddy, meaning eight world premieres! You've gotta be there! You too, Matthew! I'll help you with the review. ;)

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