Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday political links

There are 8 weeks left until the U.S. presidential election!

This is not a political blog. However, this is a big election, and I feel quite strongly about it, and hey! I have my very own online soapbox! So I will use it. Every Tuesday from now until the election I will post some election-related links. Knowledge is power, people.

Barney Frank, US Representative from MA, represents! He cuts to the heart of some of the issues surrounding the Republican VIP pick in the Boston Globe yesterday.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jay Smooth, responds to the Republican National Convention. Note for my mother: Jay Smooth is a video blogger, which means that instead of writing on his blog, Ill Doctrine, as I do on mine, he makes a video of himself speaking (or rapping, etc.) So once you follow the link, click the little triangle in the middle of the central picture to listen and watch. One of the things that I love about his video blog is that since he's a rap artist, he edits his videos to have a really unique and satisfying speech-rhythm.

And Jon Stewart of the Daily Show is his usual priceless self in this clip.

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