Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday link

I just got an e-mail from one Josh Nannestad, who has started a blog on Handel's Messiah. He will be performing the entire oratorio with his church choir throughout the liturgical year.

So, your Monday link is his blog! Go over to his blog and tell him what your favorite recording is, and what score to use.

This is incentive to clean up a paper I wrote at Westminster called "Choose Your Own Messiah." I structured the paper like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, and walked the reader through the various different "editions" of the Messiah that Handel conducted over his lifetime (he conducted it about once a year after he wrote it, and he changed something every time - reassigned solos, re-wrote things, left out movements, etc.) And, of course, if you made the wrong choice of how to use your time-traveler musicologist knowledge, you ended up dead.


  1. That would work well on a blog. You choose by clicking on links, and each post is a page. When will we see it on your blog?

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  3. thanks for the link! That paper sounds like a hit... I will check out the Dover on your recommendation.

  4. @ Adrian:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get around to it someday. I have to have some reputable people proof-read it and I want to do a lot of fact-checking before I stick it out on the web with my name on it!