Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Update and Monday Link

So, I've gotten a few comments lately about my slack-happy posting habits over the summer. Fear not! As of now, you will be returned to your usual Monday link posts, Thursday concert posts, and various and sundry other posts -- I am hoping to write some more actual essays soon.

It's been somewhat of a crazy summer. My father retired as director of the Harvard Law School library this spring. No sooner did he announce his retirement than the University of Texas at Austin called up - their long-time director of the law library at UT Austin passed away suddenly, and they needed an interim director. So my parents decided to move to Austin for a year, and asked me to house-sit for them. Much of the summer was spent packing and moving, and the process of unpacking has really barely begun - most of my belongings are still in my parents' garage. (Did you know that one month is more than enough time for enterprising spiders to lay eggs on the shelves of any bookcases you might keep stored in a basement? Yeah.)

In addition, my part-time job turned into a full-time job. I told Harvard (where I also have been working for the past six months) that I couldn't try to build a music career and direct a church music program while also holding down a full-time non-musical job, so my last day of work was last Friday. So in addition to moving, I am also in the middle of a job-hunt.

Because I have a year of rent-free living, and thus am slightly less economically stressed, I've decided that I want to make my living solely as a musician this year.

Which brings us to today's link! Namely, my resume!

I am interested in the following:
  • Conducting! (I will conduct anybody, any ensemble, you name it!)
  • Teaching music classes, especially middle school or high school chorus
  • Teaching voice lessons
  • Teaching conducting lessons
  • Tutoring people in theory, sight-singing, or other musical areas they need help with
  • Accompanying, especially voice students or choirs and choruses
  • Professional singing gigs, especially for Anthology, my professional vocal quartet
Seriously, folks, I am a wicked qualified musician. So please feel free to point me in useful directions!

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