Thursday, December 20, 2007

Weekend Concert Calendar PS

But wait! If you are willing to branch out from choral music, you have another stellar concert option on Saturday evening!

My father (who is the father of not only one, but two stellar bloggers of future renown) is a member of the New England Brass Band (NEBB for short.) They are a stellar brass ensemble based in the Boston area, and directed by Douglas Yeo, who plays bass trombone for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In 2006, they won the Honors division of the North American Brass Band Championships.

Second only to choirs, of course, few ensembles are as evocative of the Christmas season as brass ensembles. On Saturday at 7 pm at the Free Christian Church, 31 Elm St, Andover, MA, they will presenting a holiday concert that is sure to be tight, tuned, and generally terrific. Hope to see you there!

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