Friday, December 14, 2007

Caroling Mob

I believe it got a bit hidden in the mass of choralocity I listed yesterday, but I just wanted to highlight the Caroling Mob (who are organized enough to have their own website.) On Sunday at 4 pm, you can join Joel Sindelar and the Loose Canon Chorale at the Stony Brook T-stop, and then wander around JP singing to people, ending up with warm drinks (don't forget to bring a mug!) Haven't you always wanted to really, truly wassail someone? I'll be up in Andover singing Britten - that means someone should appoint themselves my deputy and go sing and then tell me how it is!

This of course brings to mind the following exchange from Ruddigore:

Mad Margaret: But see, they come – Sir Despard and his evil crew! Hide, hide – they are all mad – quite mad!
Rose: What makes you think that?
Mad Margaret: Hush! They sing choruses in public. That’s mad enough, I think!

Raise your glass to a bit of holiday insanity!

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