Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mozart Requiem with Labadie

Last week was taken up with a run-out, which is Westminster slang for getting on a bus and going somewhere (usually New York, Newark, or Trenton) for a series of rehearsals and performances with an orchestra. Last week was the Mozart Requiem with Bernard Labadie and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. I enjoyed working with Labadie a lot - he was extremely efficient, moved very quickly, and was quite clear and demanding about what he wanted, all of which are qualities I highly prize in conductors. The choir was a combination of the Westminster Choir and Williamson Voices, and I must say, it was a really extraordinary choir. It was one of the (many) occasions here at Westminster when I got into the dress rehearsal, heard the spectacular sound we were making, and kicked myself for forgetting to invite anyone to the concert.

If you wish for a second opinion, there is a review up at nj.com. I don't know for how long the link will be good, but enjoy reading it while it's up there!

This week is another run-out, with the Symphonic Choir joining Lorin Maazel and the New York Philharmonic. Look into getting tickets if you're in the area - there are performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    What's the program for this run-out? (not that I can go, but I'm curious)

    Katy M.

  2. To Katy M.:

    The all-Mozart program is:

    Symphony No. 28
    Violin Concerto No. 4 in D major
    Symphony No. 35, "Haffner"
    Mass in C, K. 317, "Coronation"

    To see info from the New York Philharmonic site about soloists, etc., click here.