Sunday, January 29, 2006

Last run-out

Yesterday was the last day of the Mozart Coronation Mass run-out. Someone pointed out that it was the last run-out I would go on - there are no more symphonic performances scheduled for this year, and then I graduate. So, I quite possibly have sung on the stage of Lincoln Center for the last time. Kind of sad!

All three performances went quite well. The New York Times gave us a fine review, and at the end of last night's performance Maazel turned around and gave us a hand, which was pretty nifty. It was also a special run-out because it was Prof. L's debut preparing Symphonic Choir. It was very cool watching her up there taking a bow next to Maazel.

I can't say I'll miss the bus rides to New York, or the Heavenly Ham boxed lunches and dinners, or the chorus room backstage at Lincoln Center. (The chorus room of Avery Fisher Hall is the most awful small thing you've ever seen - sticking 75 singers in there is just bedlam, and guaranteed to fray your nerves.) But I will miss Rich, our crazy stand-up-comedian bus-driver, and spontaneous little moments like singing Happy Birthday to Mozart at the end of Friday's bus ride home. And most of all I'll miss getting perform at a professional level with a major orchestra. Here's hoping it happens sometime again soon.


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  2. To coraline:

    See the previous post. A run-out is when we get on a bus and go somewhere off-campus to rehearse or perform.