Friday, August 27, 2004


Today was registration, and I have my schedule! It is insanely full. Of course.

I am taking:

Choral Conducting I (M, W from 2:45-4:15)
Choral Literature I (M, W, F from 9:10-10:10)
Graduate Composition (T, R, F from 2:10-3:10)
Symphonic Choir (M, T, W, F, from 11:30 -12:30)
Jubilee Singers (gospel) (M, from 6:30-8:30)
hopefully the Williamson Voices (it's auditioned) (M, W, F, from 4:30-6:00)
Voice Lessons, time and teacher to be determined, for 1/2 hour a week
and I'm auditing:
English and Italian Diction (T, R from 4:30-6:00)
Opera Lit. Seminar: Mozart's Operas (M, W, 1-2:30)

There's also conducting lab, which you don't actually sign up for, on Tuesday afternoons from 3:20 - 4:20.
There will be some required master classes on Saturdays, when important conductors come to visit.
And there may be informal conducting student dinners on Friday nights.

I am now having to repeat to myself:
"No, don't get a job. You already have a graduate assistantship in Theory. That's enough. No, you cannot go down to the Sacred Music office and see if they have any open positions in the area. No, you can't. You will be insanely busy as it is. No, you can't get a job! Stop it!"

So, no job for me. I'll probably go off my head as it is. The thing is, much of it is rehearsal, which doesn't really have tons of outside work, and it sounds like the two choral conducting classes will not have insane amounts of outside work either, which just leaves composition. Which will doubtless be a time suck, and I worried it was self-indulgent to take it when I'm not here for composition, but my advisor assured me that this was the semester to be self-indulgent in. Besides, I'll meet all the composers!

I'm disappointed that the history class on modes was at the same time as the diction class I have to audit, b/c that looked really interesting. Oh, well.

Everything starts on Monday. I'll be off and running!

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