Friday, August 15, 2014

RIP, Donald Teeters

Like so many others, I was incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of Donald Teeters on Wednesday. Boston is going to miss him intensely, and I wish he had had 20 more years of retirement so that he could have gone gallivanting around Prague and continued to enrich our lives in Boston.

Six years ago I did an interview with him for this blog. The transcript of the interview is here. And the mp3 link on that entry is out of date, so here is an updated link to the mp3.

I strongly encourage everyone to listen to this interview. Don Teeters was a great guy, and a great musician. If you knew him, you will love hearing the cadence of his voice and his twinkling personality. If you didn't, you will get a great life story and some wonderful opinions on music, Boston, and life.

He will be deeply missed.


  1. Allegra,
    As best I can tell you are still doing your doctoral studies in the mid-west. But if, by any chance, you are residing (or planning to reside) in the Boston area and are looking for a conducting gig, Cecilia's post-Teeters Music Director, Nicholas White, is stepping down and we are accepting applications for the job - which will start in the fall of 2018. Deadline is mid-March. Please throw your hat in if interested!

    Deborah Grose
    (Curent President)

    1. Hi Deb! Hope you're well! I am actually currently job hunting, but there are no openings in Boston and I can't afford to pursue any part-time options right now. Best of luck in the search; Boston is overrun with more than capable conductors!