Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Great Cantilena concert, and a nice review!

I'm happy to say that Cantilena's "Poetic License" concert on Sunday went splendidly. The premiere of Scott Wheeler's "Jabberwocky" went particularly well - we kept a zippy tempo and high energy all the way through! There's a chance I'll be able to share a video later on, but I'm not sure yet. And I got lots of happy feedback after the concert, so I think everyone enjoyed it quite a lot.

And we got this review from the Boston Musical Intelligencer! (My favorite quote is that on the first piece, "Cantilena surprised with a burst of volume filling the sanctuary." I worked very hard on getting them as loud as possible at the end of Gwyneth Walker's Now I Become Myself - glad to see it paid off!)

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