Friday, April 19, 2013

Walk for Music - I need $5 of support!

I'm happy to say I'm doing the Walk for Music again this year on April 28! This fundraiser supports all types of music programs in Boston's neighborhoods and surrounding communities. 100% of the pledges raised will go straight to these music programs (and are tax deductible)! I will be part of the Cantilena team, and my personal goal is to raise $250. It's extremely ambitious, but my goal is to get 50 people to give me $5 in the next week and a half!

This is an important fund-raiser for Cantilena. A big portion of our annual budget comes from donations and fund-raisers; ticket sales cover a very small part of our operating costs. And we have a special goal this year; we have started a new music fund! This fund is in honor of former alto Mordena Babich, who was a beloved member of the chorus for a long time. We are committed to commissioning new works for women's voices (already while I have been the director we have commissioned three works, and we will be doing a premiere by Scott Wheeler on May 12! You will be hearing more about that soon; it is a FANTASTIC piece.)

I hope that you are able to support me with a pledge of $5! Checks can be made out to Cantilena and sent directly to me at Cantilena, PO Box 380702, Cambridge, MA 02238. Or you can use the "donate" button on the Cantilena web site ( Or you can hand me $5 when you see me!

$5 for new music and women's voices singing together! Spread the word!

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