Friday, September 02, 2011

Mid-, er, late-week update

It is a hectic time for choral directors!

Last weekend was lovely; on Saturday, I went out to a late-summer party with some friends in Western MA. I headed home that night because of the hurricane (a good choice, as some roads were washed out on Sunday) and spent Sunday reading novels and watching TV (Leverage, if you're interested.)

But this past week has been prep, prep, prep! Searching for music for my college chorus at Lasell is one big challenge - since I don't know how many men I will have singing (or how many singers I will have total) it's hard to choose music. And sadly, a lot of the SAB music out there is really SAT music; my basses last year had a hard time of it occasionally. And on top of practical considerations, of course I also want them to be excited about the pieces we're singing!

This has been a week of e-mail and meetings. I am trying to get my inbox down before the semester starts. And this weekend will be trying to get my desk and music files into some sort of order. Hurricane Irene may be only a memory now, but the real hurricane is coming after Labor Day. Batten down the hatches!

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