Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday cat post - Guest Edition!

We have something very exciting today - another Guest edition of the usual Friday cat post! Without further ado, may I introduce Eden Casteel and her cats Boo-Boo and Cecilia!

Eden says:
I'm an adjunct voice teacher at Salve Regina U. in Newport RI, just moved here in summer from Michigan. I'm trying to start a small Schola down here south of Providence -- there are lots of opportunities north of the city, but very little for those of us near the coast, except for the Chorus of Westerly. I'm interested in starting a group that can be itinerant -- sing at parishes that might be welcoming, but not be attached to any particular place. If you hear of any one down this way who is looking for some low-commitment choral fun, give 'em my email. I also started a Meetup group -- "Chants Occurrence" -- and have a few members.

Cecilia Cat, age 6, dwelling among my hymnals. Guess I made it easy for her with the stepstool!

Boo-Boo Kitty, my step-cat, age 6, enjoying a sunbath on top of his scratching box. Multitasker. He also loves to sit in when I teach at home -- sitting on the piano bench with me, or purring loudly nearby. He is very social!

Aw, look at that furry belly. Thanks, Eden! And if anyone wants your kitty to star in a guest edition of Friday Cat Post, let me know!

(Samson sends his greetings to all, by the way, but wants you to know that he has hidden my camera, so not only is it broken, I couldn't find it to take it to the shop to get fixed. His prettiness will have to go unadmired for another week!)

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  1. The cats say, Thank You, Rowr. ;)