Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday links - Flash Mob edition


Flash choirs are a variation on flash mobs. I have linked to them before. But I think they have probably hit their peak this season; I have gotten innumerable e-mails about the food court Messiah alone. I am sure we will soon be swamped with every community choir in the nation staging their own flash choir. Here are a few more.

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob sings Hallelujah Chorus in Canada.

Opera Company of Philadelphia "Hallelujah!" Random Act of Culture in Philly.

Opera Company of Philadelphia "Flash Brindisi!" in Philly at the Reading Terminal Market.

Add your own in the comments!


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    A Hallelujah Chorus flash mob closed down a mall in Roseville, California yesterday because there were too many people!

  2. @ Anonymous:

    Yes, here is a link with more information on that evacuation! Apparently people reported feeling the floor shift.

  3. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Watch the flash mob that was done in Canada to see this done right. The one in Roseville was done with pre-publicity, which resulted in too many people in the mall (typical American style). The mall owners should not have used this to draw shoppers in, but as entertainment for those already there.