Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ticket giveaway!

This is a very special week, as we have TWO ticket giveaways for concerts this weekend! They are on the same day, but life is full of tough choices.

The first concert is Musica Sacra, who have paired two great works together for what will no doubt be a very intense evening. They will be performing John Rutter's 20th century Requiem with the 17th century Musikalische Exequien by Heinrich Sch├╝tz. This concert is this coming Saturday, 10/23, at 8 pm, at the First Congregational Church in Cambridge (close to Harvard Square.)

The second concert is The Boston Cecilia, who are going Romantic with a program of Mendelssohn and Schubert. Tenor William Hite will be featured on the program, as well as pianist Barbara Bruns and up-and-coming mezzo-soprano Eileen Christiansen. (Please note: even if you don't win this pair of tickets, you can still get a two-for-one deal deal on the Boston Cecilia website if you use the code OCT50.) This concert will also be this coming Saturday, 10/23, at 8 pm at All Saints Parish in Brookline.

If you want a pair of free tickets to either of these concerts, leave a comment on this post before Wednesday at 6 pm, and tell me which concert you would want to go to, and what the last choral concert you attended was. I will choose one comment at random for each of the free pair of tickets. (Although if you truthfully tell me you have never been to a choral concert, I am throwing the random thing out the window and you are definitely getting one of the pairs!)


  1. I think the only choral concert I ever went to was in... 2007ish?
    I'm interested in the Musica Sacre one, but am unsure of my schedule.

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Hi Allegra! My undergrad voice teacher is singing at the Cecilia concert, so I would LOVE tickets for that!

    I just had my wisdom teeth out and my Vicodin-addled brain is telling me that last concert I remember attending was in high school. That's clearly not accurate. But....still! I want to see Cecilia!


    -Shannon Rose

  3. Two comments, two winners!

    Curious Patient, the Musica Sacra tickets are yours. Please provide me with a real name. :)

    Shannon, the Cecilia tickets are yours! I will email their manager to hold them at will-call under your name.