Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday cat post!

Finally - it is the day that (a few of) you have been waiting for! Time to new kitty!

This is Samson.

He is 2.5 years old, and I got him from a shelter a week and a half ago. He is very cuddly and fairly conversational; he is extremely good-natured; he is occasionally interested in playing, but pretty much always interested in having his head scritched, and if you use only one hand to do it, he will nudge the other hand because clearly that hand should be scritching him also. He also has the softest hair ever; petting him is an extremely addictive activity. He always wants to be near me, and follows me from room to room; he prefers to be curled up with some part of his body touching mine. He is, in short, totally darling.

"What are you doing with that clicking flashing contraption? Shouldn't you be scritching my head?"


  1. Jess R1:19 PM

    Oooo! He is beautiful, and he looks so soft--like a plush kitty. :)

  2. Aww! He does sound darling. *attempts to purr at cat through computer screen*

  3. @ Adrian:
    In appearance, certainly! In personality, rather the opposite. :)

    @ Jess:
    He IS indeed the softest, shiniest kitty ever!

    @ lignota:
    I hope you're not at work!

    @ Johanna:

  4. So handsome! Can't wait to meet him. Will be certain not to wear white to your place from now on ; ).

  5. @ Heather:

    I am eager for people to meet him as well! And yes about white. :) Although I comb him every day.